Where do I get it?

Xtreme Shine can be purchased by the pint, quart and the gallon right here.

How does it work?

Xtreme Shine is the product of choice for adding a high-gloss shine to paint, chrome, and glass surfaces.

It goes one like a detail spray, yet enhances shine and protects the finish like a wax. You can easily bring a high-quality luster to your vehicle, after a wash, without spending the time to apply a traditional wax.

How do I apply Xtreme Shine?

Abridged: You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to apply. Just spray on and wipe off.

Unabridged: Wash and thoroughly rinse your vehicle before you apply Xtreme Shine. For best results, dry vehicle before use, though this product can be applied to a wet surface. Spray Xtreme Shine directly on the desired areas: painted surface, chrome, glass, or plastic. Buff the area dry using a clean microfiber or terry cloth towel. Xtreme Shine works on all painted surfaces, no matter the color, and can even be applied in full sun.Does Xtreme Shine actually protect the surfaces?

You bet! Xtreme Shine’s polymers leave behind a UV protectant. This helps to prevent fading, weathering, and oxidation on all surfaces.

Painted surfaces will be given an extra layer of defense from the elements with Xtreme Shine. Both UVA and UVB rays can be damaging to the paint, but will be minimized with the use of Xtreme Shine.

You can even use this product on plastics and trim to enhance color, without leaving behind a chalky residue or greasy shine. This protects the plastic and vinyl trim (both interior and exterior) while reducing the damage associated with the sun and weather.

Disclaimer: Xtreme Shine will not protect surfaces from high-velocity impacts of foreign objects . . . it is not a force field.

How well does it work on glass?

Xtreme Shine’s special polymer formula contains hydrophobic properties. Hydrophobic is a sciencey term that means doesn’t play well with water. What you get is an invisible layer that repels water, causing it to bead easily on glass and painted surfaces.

Rain will literally peel away from the glass, making visibility in a storm that much easier. Plus, it will not dry out the rubber on wiper blades, but actually extend their life.

Is it greasy?


Xtreme Shine was developed to leave behind a clean but dry finish on plastic and vinyl. This formula will not leave behind a greasy or slimy residue, but will still leave a protective satin-like shine.

The anti-static properties of Xtreme Shine help to repel dust and fingerprints, which makes touch-up that much easier.

Can I drink it?

Unfortunately, no.

Though we do understand that Xtreme Shine smells and looks irresistible, we cannot condone consuming this product.

Even though Xtreme Shine does not contain any hazardous ingredients, it is not a food product. If you happen to find yourself in the situation where you consumed some, please contact your doctor immediately, then call Infotrack at 800-535-5053.

Where else can I use it?

It should be obvious that we are marketing this product towards the automotive industry. That being said . . . this product works great on: RVs, motorcycles, boats, planes, tricycles, golf carts, ATVs, unicycles, mirrors, windows, stainless steel appliances, and most anything else with a sealed surface.

Want to remove those fingerprints from your cell phone? Xtreme Shine works wonders.

Smudges on your glasses . . . try Xtreme Shine.

Bald? Though it won’t grow hair back, it may give your dome that high-gloss shine you’ve been looking for. (Just kidding, we cannot ethically recommend this product for human use)